Understanding Today’s Digital Commerce Team

An In-Depth Review Of Today’s Digital Retail Organization: Its Structure, Challenges, And Assessment Metrics.
  • How does e-commerce fit & operate within large organizations
  • The most crucial roles within the digital organization
  • KPIs most critical to assessing digital performance

"The report makes clear that e-commerce leaders have a seat at the table in their organizations like never before".

Brian Walker, Chief Strategy Officer at Bloomreach

What’s Inside?

CommerceNext fielded a survey in partnership with CommX, a community of commerce professionals dedicated to creating a digital commerce future.
The Current State of Retail Organizations: Ecommerce and Omnichannel Team Reporting Structures and Responsibilities
The Future of Digital Teams: Ongoing Organizational Challenges + Talent Needs and Recruitment Strategies
The Assessment of Digital Performance: Common KPIs + A Move Toward CTLV

Marketing & E-Commerce Alignment

Over 50% of digital commerce leaders report to the CEO or COO/CRO, while the CMOs who own ecommerce are taking more direct control in an effort to more efficiently unify the customer journey. With these teams becoming more closely aligned, customers are getting the frictionless cross-channel experiences they want.

What KPIs Actually Matter?

Certain KPIs will always remain important to retailers, namely sales, traffic, and conversion rate. However, as omnichannel becomes more prevalent, paid media grows more expensive, and customer loyalty grows more elusive, marketing teams are recognizing that other KPIs such as Customer lifetime value (CLV) tell an important story too.

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