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The Commerce Experience Collective (CommX) stands for one thing: growing E‑Commerce. Learn about the technology and insights you need to GROW.

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What do you need to GROW in E‑Commerce?

G - Growth Drivers: Move the needle on impactful KPIs and performance metrics

R - Revenue Optimization: Modern technology built for commerce that impacts your growth drivers

O - Own the Experience: Design the entire end-to-end customer experience in a way that is unique to every individual from awareness to receipt

W - We: It can’t be designed by a single company or thought leader, creating the future of E‑Commerce requires all of us.

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Fulfillment Experience

Why ShipBob Is Quickly Becoming The Best E-Commerce Fulfillment Service

ShipBob’s successes highlight the power of purpose not only in developing a single business but in creating spaces in which other businesses can thrive.
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Conversational Commerce
CPaaS with conversational AI: what makes Sinch stand out
The first-ever 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms was just released, and we’re proud to say Sinch is included. Using technology to maintain one consistent conversation across various customer channels, businesses have seen: 30-50% increased conversions, 20-80% cost reduction in customer care, and 3X increase in NPS scores.
A Global Consumer Survey: How Online Marketplaces Are Fundamentally Changing the Way Your Customers Shop
The State of Online Marketplace Adoption by Mirakl is a global consumer survey dedicated to understanding the forces behind this fast-evolving eCommerce landscape. Featuring global insights and data on U.S. shopper habits and preferences, this report helps you understand your consumers’ changing expectations and what is required to succeed in 2022 and beyond.
Research and Education
CommX, the Commerce Experience Collective - A community of solutions that come together to drive digital business success
CommX stands for one thing: growing E-Commerce. Today’s digital businesses need to focus on the customer experiences they deliver end-to-end in order to maximize their growth opportunity and build a sustainable, profitable business for the long haul. Those experiences need to be personalized, fast, agile, and adapt to the changing environment in which all businesses find themselves in today.
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